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Thanks to its capacity to meet customer needs and to stand competition, our company has reached the modern standards of today. Attaching utmost importance to R&D which is the key to growth and development in both the company and the country through innovation, our company is doing its best to enhance performance and the quality of production as well as creating novel products and services. Our product range comprises of clothing for men, women and children, produced in accordance with the fashion trends of the day making use of standard and exclusive knit fabrics.

Using statistical techniques to take precautions for the probable needs, Alya Konfeksiyon carries out the required analyses and shares the results with its workers and subcontractors.

Taking human life and the environment into consideration as part of our quality concept, Alya Konfeksiyon never uses hazardous substances to life and the environment as well as requiring its subcontractors to follow suit.



Through correctly analysing our customers’ demands in terms of the key concepts of textile industry such as deadline, suitable pricing and quality, our company meets the customer needs with the sense of responsibility.

Research & Development

Keeping track of new fashion trends in the world closely, our company leads the fashion by providing new designs and fabrics with its long years of experience in the business.


Our expert design team keeps on working tirelessly to come up with the best and unprecedented.


With our modeling, sewing, cutting and pressing-packaging departments and subcontractors audited according to European standards (sedex, bsci, fama, Disney), we are working with a capacity of 600.000 pcs. The embroidery and digital sublime printing departments within our company are also at our customers’ service.

Quality Control

Our company controls all of our models carefully in each and every step of production. All of our products are given approval by the quality assurance team within our company. Quality control reports are prepared after which the products are ready for loading.


In order to meet the deadlines, we are working with the leading logistics companies in Turkey. We can deliver the products to our customers in all of Asia and Europe in accordance with the deadlines.

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Our Works

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